Class 12- Year 5

Welcome to Class 12!

Class Teacher: Mrs Hall

Teaching Assistant: Miss Gibson

We are over the moon with how we have started our Year 5 journey and we know that this year is going to be out of this world… literally! We are all so excited about our space unit of work and we have been busy thinking about the spherical objects in space-including our own planet!

In English, we are thoroughly enjoying our first text of the year, The kid who came from space by Ross Welford, and we have been using our reading skills to create fantastic character visualisations.

We have an exciting year ahead of us and we are particularly excited about our history work on the Victorians.

In art, we are exploring perspective art and we have been observing the work of Lowry.

We are learning about the importance of online safety in computing, and our maths work on place value has been outstanding!

Hold on tight because this is going to be a year to remember!

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

What’s been happening in Class 12?

What a fantastic start to Year 5 Class 12 have had!