Our aim is to provide a curriculum that is flexible, engaging and enjoyable for all. Our high quality staff effectively design themes and curriculum content based on The National Curriculum to immerse and engage both themselves and pupils in collective learning. Our belief is that learning is enhanced when teachers are invested/passionate in what they are teaching and progress is more likely to be accelerated when children enjoy the curriculum.

We are very proud of the curriculum we have developed. This has been achieved by fostering a rigorous and dynamic learning environment with a pattern of high aspirations and a culture of success, sound educational practice and established expertise.

The curriculum is designed to maximise the academic potential of all children in addition to developing well-rounded young people prepared for life in the wider World. Our core Christian values are central to life in school with the additional curriculum layers leading to inspiration, engagement, enjoyment and achievement. To find out more about our curriculum and to find out more about each curriculum subject, please click on any of the segments below:

For additional information about both the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage documents, please click on the downloads below.

Early Years Foundation Stage

National Curriculum

Our Christian emphasis on developing the whole child, including their spiritual development, with the ensuing positive outcomes for personal and educational development, lies at the heart of our curriculum. Our distinctly Christian values are made explicit and be embedded in our teaching and learning, encouraging every child to realise their full potential in an environment that is supportive and caring, and dedicated to their individual growth and achievement. It is a curriculum that delivers academic achievement, personal development and well-being for all learners, regardless of their ability or background.

The school’s curriculum provides all learners with a range of opportunities that excite and inspire, supporting all children so they can achieve individually and make a positive contribution to society. It is a curriculum that allows and assists children to succeed and make the best of their talent and ability. Developing leadership and an expectation of service is a cornerstone of the school. Children have the opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning and supporting that of others, and the chance to contribute to and lead developments in their own community.

Provision for Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all children. Provision for children with SEND is a matter for the school as a whole. When planning, the school sets suitable learning challenges and responds to the wide range of abilities, aptitudes and interests of the children within each class. Some children may have special learning needs and require particular support by the school. We ensure that the necessary provision is made for any child who has Special Educational Needs with regard to the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. Meeting the needs of individual children and groups of children requires flexible working with outside agencies.  We record all steps taken to meet the needs of these children and ensure that the records are kept and available as needed.

You can download our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy here.

Special Educational Needs Policy