Our vision for Maths across school is for children to develop a real love of learning through meaningful and challenging experiences, which provide opportunities for applying skills and knowledge across a range of contexts. Maths should be fun and should inspire children to become independent and enthusiastic mathematicians.

Our Maths Curriculum

Real-life Maths

Children in all year groups have access to a range of high quality Maths resources and practical opportunities are regularly incorporated into lessons. Lessons are often given a real-life context and this helps our children to develop an excellent understanding of how Maths is used in the wider world.

We regularly take part in a range of Maths projects, including the Fiver Challenge, in association with the charity, Young Enterprise.

Lesson structure

Each Maths lesson is differentiated according to the needs of the children in the class and all children, regardless of ability, will have access to challenge activities. Every lesson will involve an element of fluency, reasoning and problem-solving, ensuring that children develop their basic skills in Maths, whilst developing a deeper understanding of core concepts.

Review of learning

Mathematical skills are constantly revisited throughout the year, ensuring that children don’t simply forget something they’ve been taught prior. Learning review grids are used across school and aim to help children to retain information from previously taught topics.

Maths environment

We want children’s learning in Maths to continue beyond the classroom and so we aim to provide them with a Maths-rich environment in which to thrive. There are high-quality displays throughout school, including in corridors and in classrooms. Displays in corridors show the progression in skills from Nursery right through to Year 6 and class displays are focussed on the ‘Maths journey’ across the year for each class, allowing children to chart and recap on their own progress.

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