Our vision

Physical Education and school sport at Wynyard Primary school is an important part of our daily school life and is centred around ‘every child finding their sporting niche’. We aim to instil a love and an excitement for PE and sport so that children become happy adults who enjoy being physically active and know its importance. We are continually striving to introduce new and exciting sports through our curriculum and after school offer too. 

Teaching and learning

Every child in our school receives two hours of PE each week along with 30 minutes of daily activity. We are proud of our broad and balanced curriculum offer that not only develops children physically but also develops their wider skills such as team work, problem solving and leadership. Our sports coaches Olly, Megan and Luke deliver lots of our PE sessions using ‘Complete PE’ to complement their planning. During PE children revisit and recap on prior learning as well as building on their skills and knowledge.

Our PE Curriculum


Sport at our school has an extremely high profile. Our aim is to give children as many opportunities as possible to try new sports, with the aim of finding their ‘sporting niche’ and to direct them into community clubs.

We put as much emphasis on extra-curricular sport as we do curriculum PE and as a result most children access well over 2 hours high quality sporting provision per week.

Our staff are very passionate about leading sports sessions themselves and they are supplemented by our own gymnastics coach, dance teacher and specialist sports coach. We also have very good links with Velocity Trampoline and Gymnastics Club and the children in school get to visit Velocity as part of PE lessons and as part of our after school club provision.

Children have the opportunity to participate in sports such as football, tennis, basketball, badminton, swimming, athletics, dance, gymnastics, rugby, judo, cycling and then some more diverse sports such as trampolining, golf, kickboxing, climbing, baseball and wheelchair basketball.

Children at Wynyard enjoy sport at our school. They have many opportunities to stay healthy, participate in new sports and compete in a range of team events across the year.

A message from our Wynyard Sports Leaders

Hello we are the Wynyard Sports Leaders. We lead break time and lunch time activities and we organise level 1 competitions for the whole school to get involved with. Our intraschool competitions are always linked to the School Games values: teamwork, honesty, respect, determination, self-belief and passion. Another important part of our role is to listen to what children in our school want so we spend time speaking to pupils and listening to their ideas to make PE and school sport even better in our school. We also get the opportunity to lead warm up and cool down sessions during our PE lessons which we enjoy.

Active School

Physical activity pledge

Each class in our school has made a physical activity pledge which they do every day. Examples of some pledges include to do a ‘Just Dance’ video everyday, to do a ‘Jurassic Chase’ everyday and so much more.

Ninja Assault Course

Our Ninja Assault Course has been built for our KS2 children to enjoy.

Commando Joes

Every class in school gets to opportunity to participate in our Commando Joe’s lessons.

Active playtime

Children have access to play time equipment, activities led by our sports leaders and lunch time supervisors.

Forest School

Pupils in our school love attending Forest School sessions.

School Games

Pupils in school are very excited and proud to announce that they have achieved the School Games Gold Award for the 2022-2023 academic year in recognition of their commitment to the development of physical education and physical activity across school.  This reward reflects the hard work and dedication by all staff and pupils. This is the fourth year that we have achieved the gold award, and we are excited to think of lots of different ways we can promote physical education and physical activity in school this year. This academic year we are aiming to go for the platinum award for the very first time!

School swimming

We have registered with Swim England and we are a School Swimming and Water Safety chartered school. By signing up to the charter it shows that we take school swimming and water safety lessons seriously and we want all our pupils to achieve the national curriculum swimming requirements.

Our current Year 3 classes are completing swimming lessons at Millhouse Leisure Centre and we have a catch-up swimming programme for Year 6 pupils to help them to achieve the swimming national curriculum criteria.


Mental Health Week

For the second year in a row, we have had a whole school Mental Health Week with a focus on how physical activity can promote mental health & wellbeing. Last year, we teamed up with a company called ‘Go Well’ and they came into school to deliver an Escape Room, Team Up Kids session (focusing on the neurotransmitters released during exercise) and a Colour Run which was extremely popular with the children in school.

Sports Day

Sports Day is always an extremely fun day for all our children and staff across school. We have held our Sports Day at Middlesbrough Sports Village, and this was a fantastic opportunity for children to experience competing in a state-of-the-art athletics arena. Last year, we held a ‘Little People Big Dreams’ week on the lead up to Sports Day. During the week, we invited local clubs into school to highlight to the children school club links.