Early Years

Early Years

When Wynyard Church of England Primary School opened in September 2015, our Early Years consisted of just Reception aged children; however, in September 2018, we extended our high-quality Early Years provision with the addition of a Nursery for children aged 3-4 years old.

Our Early Years Provision consists of a Nursery classroom, two Reception classrooms and a shared outdoor space. These are all stimulating and nurturing environment where children can thrive and develop. Our provision is carefully planned by our knowledgeable team to ensure that children are appropriately challenged across the seven areas of learning, as outlined in the Early Years Statutory Framework. Play is an integral part of children’s Early Years experience as this provides plentiful opportunities for children to develop their independence, explore and investigate the world around them. Carefully planned indoor and outdoor play opportunities also allow children to build on knowledge and skills they have been taught in more focussed adult-directed activities.

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Nursery and Reception Transition

Starting school is an important milestone in a child’s life and we know many parents will have questions about their child starting with us in Nursery or Reception. In the summer term, ahead of your child starting with us in September, we plan a number of transition events which will hopefully ensure any questions you have are answered. These events will also give you and your child the opportunity to meet staff and visit our Early Years provision. Once your child’s Nursery and Reception place is confirmed our Early Years Leader, Mrs Hunter, will send out details of both our meetings for parents and transition sessions for children.

If you do have any questions about our Early Years provision, feel free to contact the school office to speak to a member of staff or our Early Years leader, Mrs Hunter.