Class 14- Year 6

Welcome to Class 14!

Class teacher: Mrs Uttley

Teaching Assistant: Miss Menezes

We are so happy to be starting the Summer term together (unlike last term) and are so looking forward to spending the coming months with you, preparing for secondary school and celebrating your time in primary school! We hope that it will be a successful term with lots of hard work but also lots of exciting activities to look forward to!

As we get closer to the end of term, we will have some sessions focussed on transition as well as (hopefully) some visits out of school.

This term we will be continuing our work on ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ by Michelle Magorian and will link this to further WW2 studies in History.

We will be looking at key events of the war in Britain, including the Blitz, D-Day and VE Day, and then will move to focus on the events of Pearl Harbour and Hiroshima.

Our work in Art will be based around Henry Moore’s WW2 underground shelter work and we will be replicating his style with a range of techniques.

In Science we have been looking at the effect of drugs on the body, including smoking and alcohol and we will also be discussing changes in our bodies as we get older via an NHS facilitated program on puberty.

We will continue to focus on arithmetic fluency with reasoning and problem-solving in Maths and will pay particular attention to co-ordinates, angles and pie charts. To make sure that children feel as prepared as possible for secondary school, we will also spend some time reviewing other areas of the curriculum to ensure that children are as ‘Year 7 ready’ as possible.

Let’s make the most of the rest of your time at Wynyard and have the best Summer term possible!

Year 6 Long Term Planning

Year 6 Long Term Planning

What’s been happening in Class 14?

Class 14 had a fantastic time at Forest Schools!