Class 4- Year 1

Welcome to Class 4!

Class teacher: Miss Huntley

Teaching Assistants: Miss Wade & Miss Van Niekerk

Year 1 have made a fantastic start to the year, and we have learned lots of interesting things already. Our class teacher is and Miss Huntley and we are very lucky to have Mr Llewellyn (Class 3 teacher), Miss Home, Miss Wade and Miss Van Niekerk helping us with our learning as well. We really enjoy PE lessons with our sports coach, Olly, and Music lessons with one of our music specialists, Mr Ingledew.

In English, our topic is, ‘Super Duper You’. We have already started reading ‘Super Duper You’ by Sophy Henn and we are enjoying learning more about ourselves, whilst practising our use of capital letters, finger spaces and full stops consistently. We are excited to read ‘Funnybones’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg next, when we start learning about nouns, adjectives and verbs. We are going to continue to aim to improve our spelling through using ‘Spelling Shed’ in school and at home.

Year 1 have learned lots in Maths so far this year. We have learned how to count forwards and backwards within 10, calculate 1 more than any given number within 10 and compare numbers within 10 using inequality symbols. We are going to continue to aim to improve our knowledge of number bonds to 10 in school and at home.

In Geography, we are exploring our local area and finding out if Wynyard has more physical or human geographical features. We are also learning how to follow and construct maps, as well as where Wynyard is, in comparison to other locations.

We are becoming excellent artists, as we are practising controlling our pencil movement, ready to recreate ‘Sunflowers’ by Vincent Van Gogh.

Year 1 have a very busy term ahead of them, but we have all started to rise to the challenge and we are very excited for the learning ahead.

Year 1 Curriculum Overview

What’s been happening in Class 4?

We have made a fantastic start to our time in Year 1!