Class 9- Year 4

Welcome to Class 9!

Class teacher: Mr Dixon

Teaching Assistant: Mrs McRitchie

Welcome back to Class 9, Summer Term. This term, our topics will be both ‘Natural disasters’ and ‘Crime and punishment’, so we will be looking at both history and geography.

We have begun our journey in the Roman times, and will travel through time looking at the different ways people were punished…and for what!

We will be exploiting all sorts of writing genres during our journey through time, and look forward to you seeing some of our fabulous work!

In maths, alongside of course continuing to learn our times tables, we will be looking at interpreting types of graphs, and investigating properties of shape.

There will be the usual homework tasks to support you learning, alongside your reading, spelling and multiplication practise!

Keep up the good work and the positive attitude…we are looking forward to a very productive Summer term!

 We will keep you posted if there is anything else…any misbehaviour and to the stocks!

Year 4 Long Term Planning

Year 4 Long Term Planning

What’s been happening in Class 9?