Class 9- Year 4

Welcome to Class 9!

Class teacher: Mr Dixon

Teaching Assistant: Mrs McRitchie & Miss Van Niekerk

Hi and welcome to Class 9. We have started the year quickly, learning about the sometimes beautiful, sometimes gory times of the ancient Egyptians!

At the moment, we are learning about the ways that Egyptians mummified the dead, and have even begun an experiment,  mummifying our own tomatoes. Among other things, this term we will learn about the pyramids, the discovery of Howard Carter, and will study how the Egyptians farmed the fruitful banks of the Nile.

In maths, we have focussed so far on place value, and will be doing a lot of work using division and multiplication. All the way through this year, we will be practising our times tables a lot, so be prepared!

Guitar lessons are still happening, and will be alternating, having a full hour every week so that we get the most out of these.

We will keep you posted if there is anything else…now back to ancient Egypt!

Year 4 Long Term Planning

Year 4 Long Term Planning 2021-22

What’s been happening in Class 9?