Character Education: Preparing Children of the Wider World

At Wynyard CE Primary we are committed to educating the whole child. Through our varied character education programme, we aim to celebrate the individuals within our school community – their preferences, interests and traits – as well as to develop their confidence, resilience and strength of character. This is achieved through the cultivation and encouragement of an expansive range of moral, spiritual, intellectual, civic and performance character virtues.

We believe character education equips young people to grow in wisdom, love, faith and forgiveness and is fundamental to the pursuit of academic excellence, and stands at the heart of all aspirational teaching, learning and pastoral care.

In 2020, we are excited to launch the programme ‘Commando Joe’s’: an exciting addition to our curriculum which will further support our children to become resilient, tolerant and to make the best life choices. This is achieved through a series of ‘missions’ which challenge children within an engaging context to develop core character traits such as teamwork, empathy, passion and resilience.

We hope that effective character education will have a legacy far beyond the school gates, impacting young people as friends, neighbours, parents, team members and employees, benefitting both the individuals themselves, their wider communities and broader society.