Sport at our school has an extremely high profile. Our aim is to give children as many opportunities as possible to try new sports, with the aim of finding their ‘sporting niche’ and to direct them into community clubs.

We put as much emphasis on extra-curricular sport as we do curriculum PE and as a result most children access well over 2 hours high quality sporting provision per week.

Our staff are very passionate about leading sports sessions themselves and they are supplemented by our own gymnastics coach, dance teacher and specialist sports coach.

Children have the opportunity to participate in sports such as football, tennis, basketball, badminton, swimmining, athletics, dance, gymnastics, rugby, judo, cycling and then some more diverse sports such as trampolining, golf, kickboxing, climbing and table-tennis.

Children at Wynyard enjoy sport at our school. They have many opporunities to stay healthy, participate in new sports and compete in a range of team events across the year.