Wider Themed Curriculum

Wider Themed Curriculum

We have a simple belief that children learn best when they enjoy their curriculum. We also believe that teachers are at their best when they enjoy what they are teaching. To achieve this, teachers have the remit to design their own themed curriculum for their class/year group which is tailored to the interests of all. We have a range of themes across school ranging from Roald Dahl to Under the Sea and Alternate Realities to Magical Worlds!

At Wynyard, we place a huge emphasis on the wider curriculum. Planning for themes is based on, but not solely restricted to the National Curriculum with each individual subject having a significant place in curriculum design. We look to adopt a cross-curricular approach where possible, with some subjects, or aspects of subjects taught discreetly. Our aim is for children to leave us with the skills and knowledge to prepare them for the next stage of their education and for future careers.

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Staff work hard to plan engaging themes that exploit cross-curricular links to enthuse pupils. An example of this is Year 5’s Mary Poppins topic. Children made kites and flew kites; budgeted for Mrs Brill’s Sunday roast in Maths; wrote letters to Mary Poppins; and even visited London! The gallery below shows how this topic was developed.

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