In Reception, children learn through both teacher-led activities and child-initiated play. All the activities in Reception, including those children access independently, are carefully planned to help children learn new skills and discover more about the world.

In September 2021, the new Early Years Foundation Stage framework was introduced. Learning activities will be based around supporting your child’s development across the 7 areas of the Early Years curriculum:

· Personal, Social and Emotional Development

· Communication and Language

· Physical Development

· Literacy

· Mathematics

· Understanding the World

· Expressive Arts and Design

Each term, learning is centred around a particular topic, however, sometimes we decide to structure learning activities around children’s interests. When your child starts Reception with us, you will have access to our online learning platform, eSchools, which will keep you up to date with our topics and what your child will be learning at school, as well as key information and events.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning is a key aspect of our teaching in Reception. Children will have the opportunity to explore the outdoor area regularly throughout the day. Please ensure children always bring a waterproof coat to school and, depending on the time of year, items such as gloves, hats, scarves or sun hats.