Class 6- Year 2

Welcome to Class 6!

Class teacher: Mr Llewellyn

Teaching Assistant: Miss Wade

Despite everything, Class 6 have made an absolutely fantastic start to the Summer Term and we have learned lots already. Our class teacher is Mr Llewellyn and we are so lucky to have Miss Wade and Mrs Wilson helping us with our learning as well. We are also taught by Mrs Barker, the other Year 2 class teacher for English and Maths. We are still enjoying PE lessons with our sports coach, Olly and French lessons with our languages specialist, Madame Gosney, on Thursday afternoons.

In English our topic is, ‘The Wonderful World of Roald Dahl’. We have already started reading ‘The Twits’ and we are enjoying examining the revolting characters of Mr and Mrs Twit considerably. We are so excited to read ‘The Witches’ and ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ later on in the term, which will inspire our writing even more and strengthen our understanding of why we write and who for. We are going to continue to aim to improve our spelling through using ‘Spelling Shed’ in school and at home.

Class 6 have learned lots in Maths so far this year. We have learned how to add, multiply, subtract and divide using a range of different methods. We have also learned how to make and interpret data using tally charts, pictograms and bar graphs. We are now learning about shape and measurement and have been undertaking lots of reasoning and problem-solving activities in our Maths lessons to ensure we gain a deeper understanding of the topic at hand. We love applying our learned maths skills to real-life situations.

We are going to continue to aim to improve our knowledge of the 2, 5- and 10-times tables in a fun and engaging way through using ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ in school and at home. Class 6 have absolutely loved practicing their times tables in this way, which is helping them to build fluency in their multiplication – a remarkable and important skill to have!

We are very excited to start learning about the Titanic in History. We will be exploring what life was like for different passengers onboard and creating a data base of who did and didn’t survive. We will also be re-enacting what it would have been like to eat in the 3rd class dining hall by tasting samples of the original menu.

We have a very busy term ahead but we have all risen to the challenge of Year 2 and we are very excited to start preparations for transitioning into Year 3. 

Year 2 Long Term Planning

Year 2 Long Term Planning 2020-21

What’s been happening in Class 6?