Class 6- Year 2

Welcome to Class 6!

Class teacher: Miss Davies

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lofts and Miss Van Niekerk

Class 6 have made a brilliant start to Year 2! Our class teacher is Miss Davies, and we have the pleasure of Mrs Lofts and Miss Van Niekerk’s help in some of our lessons. We will also be taught by Mrs Barker who is another Year 2 teacher. We have extra help with our PE lessons from experts Olly, Luke and Megan and Mr Waller will be sharing his outstanding RE knowledge in some of our RE lessons.

In English our topic is ‘Tale as Old as Time’. We are about to start reading ‘Inside the Villains’ and we are looking forward to exploring the cunning character of the Wolf and discovering what mischievous adventures he will embark upon. We will also be reading traditional tales with a twist including, ‘The True Story of 3 Little Pigs’, ‘Little Red,’ and ‘Snow White in New York’. We are very excited to read these twisted tales and compare them to some of the classic traditional stories we have grown to love.

We have begun daily Phonics sessions to ensure our early reading journey continues successfully. We have already visited the school library, taken book bag books home and used Bug Club and Oxford Owl! Spelling is well underway too and we have been using Spelling Shed in school and at home to learn new spelling rules.  

In maths, we have started to strengthen and build upon our knowledge of number and place value from Year 1 to ensure that we have strong foundational knowledge ready to support us in the more complex areas of maths we will meet later in the year. To deepen our understanding of number and place value, we have begun to explore reasoning and problem-solving activities in our lessons. This will help us apply our mathematical skills to different subject areas and to real-life situations.

To improve our knowledge of the 2-, 5- and 10-times tables in a fun and engaging way, we are going to be using Times Table Rock Stars in school and at home. Class 6 love the competitiveness of practicing their times tables in this way, which is helping us to build fluency in our multiplication. This will help us engage confidently with lots of other areas of maths!

We are very excited to start learning about Our Local Area in geography. We will develop our mapping skills and use compass directions to investigate the physical and human features of Wynyard and the surrounding areas.

Later this term, we will introduce ‘The Victorians’ in our history lessons. We will be creating timelines to order historical events chronologically and we will be using primary and secondary artefacts to identify the difference between the life of a Victorian child compared with a child born now.

In our science lessons this half term, we will be developing our scientific knowledge and skills by investigating how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants and what conditions enable plants to grow and stay healthy.

Year 2 Curriculum Overview

What’s been happening in Class 6?

We are thoroughly enjoying everything Year 2 has to offer.